Introducing the future of healthy aging: Mitoceuticals

Explore a new class of supplements formulated to target and enhance mitochondrial health. Mitocueticals address the root cause of aging.

What to know
  • Mitoceuticals are a groundbreaking category of dietary supplements specifically formulated to target and enhance mitochondrial health.

  • Mitopure® is at the forefront of mitoceutical technology, delivering Urolithin A in its most potent and bioavailable form.

  • Mitopure® has been clinically proven to induce a longevity pathway deep within the cell called mitophagy.

  • Clinical trials with dietary supplementation of Mitopure demonstrate it’s ability to enhance cellular energy and improve muscle strength and endurance.

  • The topical application of Mitopure has been clinically shown to improve cellular energy in skin cells, making skin look healthier and more youthful.

Shocking insight: The root of aging lies deep inside your cells - within your mitochondria. And, now, you have the power to address this root cause of aging with a new class of supplements.

The issue: The inevitable process of aging often comes with a decline in cellular energy, leading to decreased overall energy levels, reduced muscle strength, and compromised vitality.

However, a revolutionary new class of supplements, known as mitoceuticals, is changing the landscape of healthy aging. Mitopure®, at the forefront of this innovation, is recognized by experts as a monumental breakthrough in the field of nutritional science, marking it one of the most significant advancements in recent decades.

Mitoceutical explained

What are mitoceuticals?

Mitoceuticals represent a new era in dietary supplements specifically designed to target mitochondrial health. Mitochondria, known as the powerhouses of the cell, are crucial for energy production and overall cellular function. As we age, mitochondrial efficiency declines, leading to common signs of aging, such as energy depletion and muscle degeneration.[1]

Mitopure, the leading mitoceutical, harnesses the power of Urolithin A to support mitochondrial function, promoting cellular rejuvenation and vitality. Mitopure is the first and only clinically validated Urolithin A supplement, proven to:

This pioneering approach to wellness has sparked a health revolution across the U.S., offering a beacon of hope for enhanced vitality and longevity.

How does Mitopure work

Mitopure triggers an anti-aging pathway inside our mitochondria called mitophagy. Mitophagy is a biological quality control mechanism that recycles and replaces worn-out and dysfunctional mitochondria, making way for newer, more efficient mitochondria inside the cell.

Unfortunately, as we get older, the levels of mitophagy decline, contributing to the age-related decline in energy production. Finding ways to support mitophagy and mitochondrial health could be a game changer in how we support healthy aging.

Why Mitopure stands out

Mitopure is at the forefront of mitoceutical technology, delivering Urolithin A in its most potent and bioavailable form. This innovation ensures maximum absorption and effectiveness, making Mitopure a key player in the quest for healthy aging.

Mitoceutical benefits

Benefits of Mitopure: A leap in healthy aging

Targeted Mitochondrial Support: Boosts energy production at the cellular level.

Scientifically Proven: Endorsed by leading health experts and backed by rigorous research.

Enhanced Muscle Strength and Endurance: Supports physical vitality and resilience.

Targets Skin Aging: Combats the intrinsic (biological) and extrinsic (environmental) factors that cause skin aging.

Convenient and Pure: Easy to integrate into your daily routine, with a commitment to purity and sustainability.

Mitopure Softgels & The Day Cream
Mitopure Softgels & The Day Cream

Mitopure Softgels & The Day Cream

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Where to find Mitopure

As of February 2024, Mitopure is accessible directly to consumers, ensuring that this groundbreaking supplement is readily available for anyone seeking to transform their approach to aging.

Mitopure: the first and only Mitoceutical

Embrace the power of mitoceuticals

Click below to learn more about how Mitopure and the science of mitoceuticals can redefine your aging process. It's time to harness the potential of your cellular health for a vibrant, energetic future. As the saying goes, "The best time to start is now." Begin your journey toward a revitalized life today.


Jen Scheinman, MS, RDN, CDN

Written by

Senior Manager of Nutrition Affairs


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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. References: *Nutrition studies: 500mg Mitopure® have been shown to (1) induce gene expression related to mitochondria function and metabolism and (2) increase the strength of the hamstring leg muscle in measures of knee extension and flexion in overweight 40-65 year olds. Data from two randomized double-blind placebo-controlled human clinical trials. **Nutrition NOURISH Study: 500mg Mitopure® have been shown to deliver at least 6 times higher Urolithin A plasma levels over 24 hours (area under the curve) than 8 ounces (240ml) of pomegranate juice in a randomized human clinical trial.

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